Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

PVC Tile Specification

 Specification Wood Tile SquareTile
Size 183 mm * 915 mm 457.2 mm * 457.2 mm
Thickness (±0.1) 3 mm 2.2 mm 3 mm 2.2 mm
Packing Box 20 pcs 26 pcs 16 pcs 21 pcs
m2 3.3489 4.3535 3.3445 4.3896
Weight 17.6 kgs   18 kgs  

PVC Tile Structure


  • Reproduces wood and marble pattern with natural texture to create a stylish atmosphere.
  • Keeps shape due to heat and humidity by special processing.
  • Has little contraction, expansion or bending phenomena caused by changes in temperature due to special press construction method.
  • Excellent wear resistance, durability and chemical resistance.
  • Have various options by beautiful colors and modern, elegant designs.
  • Possible to use semi-permanent without contamination on surface.

LVT Plank Wood Tile

Nice to view, nice to use. View the product
image of LVT Plank Wood Tile

Square Tile

Nice and elegance floor tiles. View the
product image of Square Tile.

PVC Tile Installation Guide

Before Installation

  • Installation should be done after finished other works.
  • A place, has a heating system, should be checked humidity and heater during 5~10 days at least.
  • Floors surface should be cleaned and flatted as removing contaminants such as, dust, paint, varnish and others.
  • Vinyl Tiles should be kept in the same place at room temperature at least 2 days.
  • Keep adhesive from 5 degree Celsius.
  • Use products of the same lot number for installation.


  • Promptly remove adhesive on surface of tile.
  • Use the fixed amount of adhesive, and surely press the installed tiles sufficiently.
  • Please use the right adhesive for floor conditions by recommended from our company.
  • The place and floor should be ensuring as suitable for installation conditions.


  • Do not moving heavy goods and walking within 48hours until tile adhere on floor completely.
  • Do not washing within 3days after installed.
  • Turn heater up slowly in 48 hours after finished installation.
  •  Keep a constant temperature for at least 3 ~ 5 days after installation.
  •  Please ventilate the installed place sufficiently early after installation for the peculiar odor.
  • When chemicals dropped on the flooring, should be remove by alcohol promptly.


  • PVC Skirting
  • PVC Flexible L-Profile
  • Aluminium End Trim
  • Water Based Adhesive

Arcylic Waterbase Adhesive
Super Glue for Vinyl Flooring